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data for repeatability of the RTI process


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I have a question about the minimal data to have the RTI builder process repeatable. that is, being able to create exactly the same RTI file with the same detected sphere and light position; and have it working with e.g., a few additions on a template .xml file.

Not mentioning the pictures of course, the other important informations are the sphere detection, and the light position. This is important when it has been corrected by a human operator. These informations are saved in the .xml file created by RTI builder, but my problem is that this file saves other informations like the path to the pictures, the name of the machine, etc. that I do not want to include.

It is possible to find these informations in the .xml file. It includes the sphere detection, and the coordinates on the light position on the different pictures. But in each cases there are several "versions" of these data, and I am not sure which I need to save.

As the files in the assembly-files folder are not used (or at least, not mandatory) to RTI builder or RTI viewer, I also wonder whether it is not possible to get all the needed information from these files instead, which would be much simpler.


Hence my question: what is the easiest way to save the minimal data that would insure the repeatability of the RTI builder process?


Thank you,


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