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Specular and Diffuse Maps


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I have been using RelightLab and I was wondering if there is any way to extract the specular and diffuse maps for each image taken? I am aware I can extract a normal map and I see the specular and diffuse maps available in OpenLime when viewing, but I'm not sure how I should export them using the RelightLab interface, or if there is any other way to obtain them out of the source code?


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    author of RelightLab here.

Specular and diffuse renderings you see in openlime are computed on the fly from the normal maps and the light direction (+ an shininess parameter for the specular one),
they are not maps.

You are probably thinking about the glossiness map (https://kcoley.github.io/glTF/extensions/2.0/Khronos/KHR_materials_pbrSpecularGlossiness/) it's a totally different approach. This requires fitting some BRDF (albedo, shininess, metallicity etc) to the RTI dataset and I plan to support it in RelightLab, in the near (hopefully) future, unless you have a pressing need...

Otherwise you might want to describe what is the purpose of those specular and diffese maps would be, and that might help clarify the issue.


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Thanks @ponchioI think @le9526 (my student :) ) was asking if it was possible to streamline getting a normal-map along with a set of diffuse (and or other BRDFy) values for a given scene as an image file, TIFF layers, OpenEXR layers, like some renderers spit out (RGBANxNyNzDz sort of things for N-normal, Dz - depth, etc)

I realize it's an approximation derived from the bases that the RTI represents but would allow some relighting with tools other than RelightLab. 

(I haven't pressed into it, but on first glance didn't see any way to export those things with the software, but figured there might be an easy way to just whip up some command line stuff w/ the library)

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