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RTI Viewer on macOS Ventura (October 2022)


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Hello everyone ,

I currently have a successful set-up for capturing and viewing RTI data – one older MacBook Pro running macOS Mojave with only the RTI Builder on it , and a newer MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina where I have only the RTI Viewer installed ( it works after disabling the security features on the mac or with the 'right-click-open' method ) . The latter is also the Mac where I do most of my work on – use Adobe Suite etc . So I build my RTI files on one Mac , and view them on another .

I've been a bit reluctant to update the macOS of the newer mac ( I know RTI Builder works only up to Mojave – that's why I won't touch the older Mac setup ) and was afraid to mess with a running system – thus trying to hold out on macOS updates as long as I could . However I am starting to have troubles with syncing my Apple devices etc because Catalina is now almost 3 releases ago and all my other Apple devices run the latest software .

To avoid the hassle of upgrading only to find out that RTI Viewer does not work on Ventura I wanted to ask if anyone is running RTI Viewer successfully on any of the newer macOS , preferably MacOS Ventura as it is the latest release .

Again , the question is only about the Viewer – I can perfectly build RTI files , but prefer to view them on a newer Mac for better resolution and performance . 🙏

Both Macs in question are INTEL Macs .

I hope this is enough info for whoever might be able to help out – and apologies if I missed a thread where this has already been discussed :)

Thanks !!

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