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help for a thesis


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hi, for my thesis project I want to "study" and reproduce, graffiti walls that are on the doorposts of a building, it is very interesting because you can find written from the fifteenth to the twentieth century! I was thinking of using the technique of RTI, but I wanted to ask you what do you think is the fastest method as graffiti are many, is nn have much time. graffiti is still and upright, probably'll use a flash cobra.


stumentazione that I need?


how many images to capture every vo graffiti?


and another thing who I briefly explains the difference between hsh and pmt?


thank you very much

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The RTI technique can be extremely valuable for reading difficult to read inscriptions, and for sorting out overlapping examples.  It does take some time to perform the RTI process, though that can be made more efficient for specific situations and through practice.


I strongly recommend that you read in detail the Guide to Highlight Image Capture on the Cultural Heritage Imaging website, and watch the capture videos that are posted there.  We also offer 4 day training in RTI at our studio in San Francisco, and/or we can be hired to consult on specific projects (such as equipment purchases, efficient setup, how to shoot a significant number of RTIs of similar subjects, etc.)


You may decide to only apply RTi where you have difficult to read or difficult to sort out graffiti areas.  Also you can do a "panel" that has more than one thing in it at a time (I don't know the layout of what you are shooting)


As for the question on PTM vs HSH, that is already discussed in the forums here:



Good luck with your project!


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