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RTIViewer for Mac suddenly stopped launching


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Hi all,


I have been using RTIViewer on my Mac for over half a year and yesterday it suddenly stopped launching. I am getting the "Application not responding" message while the icon on bounces merrily on the Dock. This problem seems to correspond with some (I am not sure which) updates also installed yesterday (OS X Version 10.9.5). The system prompts me to right click whilst holding down control in order to open and then click yet to open -- but this has not worked.


Anyone else had this problem?


All best wishes - Kathryn

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I have not experienced this, but we are not yet running OS10.9.


Apple made major changes to their security scheme for third party software beginning with 10.8.  By itself, I don't have a problem with making people aware when they are running downloaded software or unsigned software.  However, apple has been issuing terrible incorrect warnings, like saying a file is corrupted, when in fact it is just not signed by an official Apple developer.


Since they are telling you to right click while holding control, that may be so you can tell the system you want to run the software even though it is from an unknown developer.


Nothing has changed in RTiViewer for a year, so the problem is due to changes from Apple.  You might try changing your security settings to allow unknown code to run.  Instructions for that can be found in this topic: http://forums.culturalheritageimaging.org/index.php?/topic/308-rti-builder-damaged-file-error-on-bootup-on-mac/?p=844


I can't swear this will work, but we are seeing more and more issues as Apple has changed this security stuff.  We are looking into becoming an Apple Developer so we can solve this for the next release of RTiBuilder.  We have no plans (and no funding) for an update to RTIViewer at this point.



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Dear Carla,


My thanks to you and Mike. The updates installed yesterday seem to have reset the privacy and security settings (grr). I had forgotten about the importance of setting this to "Anywhere" (as I had done when I first got my Mac). The RTIViewer is working once again. Many thanks for the instructions: http://forums.cultur...p-on-mac/?p=844


All best - Kathryn

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