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Could someone tell me the reason why I need mounting two spheres


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You're right that you can construct an RTI using only one sphere.  The second sphere provides a redundant way to capture the light positions.  For example, if one of the spheres moved during the RTI capture sequence because it got bumped or if the mounting slipped, you could use the other sphere in the RTIBuilder.  Also, see p. 15 of the Guide to Highlight Image Processing (version 1.4), which notes,


"Currently, the program that generates the light positions from the highlights uses only a single sphere. It is possible to detect the highlights on additional spheres; future versions of the software will support multiple spheres, in order to take advantage of new research software that requires a minimum of two spheres in the image. For this reason, we recommend placing two spheres in the scene at the time of image capture."

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