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MIME type/subtype for .rti?


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Are there MIME types/subtypes defined for .rti, .ptm, or other formats defined by CHI? This relates to the question brynmawrpainter asked previously about allowing users to download files. With an appropriate MIME type, users could associate a viewer with a downloaded file automatically.




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There are no mime types for the file formats that I am aware of.


The .rti file format was defined so that it can support ptm data.  This was partly done to better support tools that want to use RTI files.  However, there needs to be a utility for converting .ptm files to this format.  It wouldn't be technically very hard, but there hasn't been a strong need for it.


I agree that with more folks adopting RTI and hopefully the availability of more web based viewing options a mime type would be useful. How high of a priority it is isn't clear.


I will note that the RTIViewer software does make itself the default application for .ptm and .rti files, which has worked well enough for most folks to date.



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