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Convert OBJ files to point cloud data like PTS or LAS File formats


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I am looking for help or information on other users that have attempted to incorporate photogrammetry and laser scanner data/point clouds.   My back ground is in forensics and have been using photogrammetry for awhile. We have just started using a 3D laser scanner and I am attempting to incorporate both files by converting the photogrammetry into a dense point cloud with a PTS or LAS file format output. I would like info on anybody that has experience with converting a file like OBJ into a PTS or LAS file.  What I would like to find is a photogrammetry software that produces a dense point cloud in one of these file formats.  I have found several that do this and the point cloud is great for small objects but not as good for a project the size of a building.   Catch 123D does great but only has an OBJ output, which goes to my original questions does anybody have information on a good conversion software that will take all the file information including colors to a point cloud format.  Any and all help would be great . 


The reason I need this is officers take initial photos on there arrival.  These photos include evidence and items as they see it on first arrival.   I can take several other photos if needed to complete a photogrammetry project, but cannot export this with dense point cloud data to import into a point cloud that I scan after everything has been moved. If you have any questions please ask.



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Ron -


The first thing I will note is that Agisoft Photoscan - both standard and pro - can produce point clouds directly.  Also, this software can handle large projects with hundreds of images and millions of points (it helps to have a beefy computer with 16GB of RAM or more)


Once you have point clouds you might want to use the free open source cloud compare for comparing with your laser data: http://www.danielgm.net/cc/


I don't know about converting data from one type to another, but others might have an answer about that.



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