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RTI Mobile App


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The RTI Mobile app is now available in the iTunes App Store!







Features include:

  • Upload an unlimited number of PTMs at a file size of 50mb or less and optimal resolution of 2048 x 1536
  • Instructions for what types of files can be uploaded to the application and how to load them
  • Automatically generated Menu screen
  • Customizable presentation settings
  • Presentation Mode: ideal for exhibitions
  • Specular Mode: used to enhance the reflectance properties of the PTM
  • Instructions outlining how to use the viewer



Please visit us on tumblr, facebook, or twitter:










Thank you!

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Wow this looks terrific Tessa. The mobile app makes an RTI product so accessible so immediate and navigable (with one's finger) it may be a game changer. What I mean if it's not obvious is that we all get hooked on it by our first experience of the RTI product - while the creation of RTI products is another matter. Like all photographic processes they are best made through experience. So publishing the product widely through mobile devices will hook many more people and some of those will begin to learn how to make RTIs and that will widen our user and knowledge base. Bravo!


Another game changer is that Artis C is charging for the software. I hope we can talk about that here. As you know CHI has been providing us with free access to RTI capture, process and viewing software that was created by themselves in collaboration other researchers around the world. CHI asks for donations rather than charging for their software.  I understand that things cost money to develop, that entrepreneurialism is valuable and that one is due some profit. But I also love the dedication and generosity of workers who produce open-source software expecting no additional remuneration beyond their base salaries, donations (or nothin') and whose capture and processing work makes a viewing product like that of Artis CT possible. So in that context and with no disrespect intended how am I to understand the $99 charge for the RTI mobile app? 



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Thank you Dennis! We are excited about the RTI Mobile app as well and are hopeful that through the use of mobile devices we will be able to engage more users with this terrific technology.


Thank you also for your feedback and questions regarding the pricing of the RTI Mobile app.  The app has been in development for two years now by independent developers (Artis CT), we have largely been a team of two, including myself (a paper conservator) and Cornell (a programmer).  I assure you that we have been extremely dedicated in developing the RTI Mobile app and generous with our time as well to create a product that will hopefully bring RTI technology to a wider audience. 


Regarding the RTI Mobile app being made possible by the use of free software developed by CHI and other researchers, without a doubt we truly value their work and mean no disrespect in charging for the app; however, there are many paid apps currently available that have been built under the same premise, such as tutorial, medical and photo/video apps.


Initially the RTI Mobile app was designed for use in exhibition spaces as a part of gallery or museum installations to further engage visitors with objects, the price of the app therefore reflects the absorption of the cost by an institution rather than an individual in a niche market.  There are also the ongoing costs of development including having a UI artist, programming updates, advertising, research and development etc.  In hindsight it is clear that this has made the app less accessible to the very people who already enjoy using the technology, we apologize, that was not the intention.  With that said we are looking to the RTI community to help us get it right, please take the time (2-3 minutes) to fill out our feedback survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SQSYTLC) and let us know your opinion about the features, design and pricing of the RTI Mobile app.  We appreciate your kind words and thank you for your interest in the RTI Mobile app.




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