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New web-based viewer


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It is a simple web viewer to allow the visualization of RTIs on the web, in order to disseminate some results to a general public (no expert). For the advanced viewing options there is always the new version of the RTIViewer. In the future it could be extended but there is the problem that the available computational resources in the web browsers are limited  

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The viewer is currently used in a museum kiosk for the interactive presentation at the public of a coin collection. The kiosk is available online at the following link:




The first part presents the collection and the coins of the collection. Then for each coin there is the possibility to interact with the RTI images of observe and reserve. In addition to the standard interaction (pan, zoom and light) there is the possibility to flip the coin and to activate the visualization of some hotspots that give the possibility to read additional information about the most interesting details of the coin engraving.




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