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RTIViewer 1.1 release now available


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We are thrilled to announce the release of RTIViewer 1.1.  The new features in this release are the ones most requested by our users.


You can read about the new features and download the release (windows and mac versions), user guide and examples on the RTIViewer page.


This software is available as free open source software.


Cultural Heritage Imaging is a small independent nonprofit organization and we need donations from people like you who use and value these tools in order to keep doing the releases.  Please help us by making a donation to support this work.


We want to gratefully acknowledge the efforts of Ron Bourret, Gianpaolo Palma, and Leif Isaksen for the development work that went into this release.  Much of the work was performaed as volunteers.  We also want to thank Judy Bogart for doing the User Guide updates and descriptions for the new features. We had some beta testers for the release, and we thank them for their time and effort to try things out and report issues. And finally, we thank all the members of the CHI team for the work to oversee the release including setting the requirements for the release, testing it and providing feedback in every phase of development, running the beta testing program, identifying and reviewing the user guide updates, and all the other tasks that go with getting something like this done and out.  Much of that work was done as volunter labor as well.


If you have comments or questions, or want to say nice things about the new release, please post those in the "All Viewers" forum






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