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Shooting RTI with macro lens

Andreas Nymark

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Apologies in advance for a rookie question, but what would this forum advice with regards to shooting RTI with a macro lens? As an archaeologist I usually shoot smaller objects with my camera attached

on a tripod above the object. I am a beginner at RTI, and haven’t yet tried using macro lenses. As I am using an Olympus E-520 I was hoping that one of you would be able to direct me to the right macro lens (or lenses) best suitable for RTI.



Thank you,





PS: I’ve just realised that I’ve posted this question in the wrong thread, but seem to be unable to move it (by myself) to the right one. Sorry for that.

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Hi Andreas!


I moved this over to the right forum for you.


The 2 key things for RTI is that you get the subject area you are interested in in focus, and that you get a proper exposure.  There is a really useful explanation of both of these topics in the recently updated Guide to Highlight Image Capture  (version 2.0) on the CHI website.  You should take a close read of those sections which have much expanded information compared to the earlier versions of this document.


In terms of macro lenses, we use a variety of Canon cameras (both full frame and APS-C sensors) and our "go to" lenses are the 100mm macro and the 50mm macro.  We use one or the other of these two lenses for 95% of our RTI work.  The macro lenses let you get really close and fill the frame with a subject.  However, when you come in really close to a small object you have a very limited depth of field. So, it's fine for really flat material and trickier for more sculptural material. This is straight photography though, and not specific to RTI.  There are steps you can take to increase your depth of field and I refer you to the above referenced document to learn more about our recommendations.


Good luck!


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