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Version 2.0 — Guide to Highlight Image Capture (major update)


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Dear RTI Community,


We are proud to publish version 2.0 of the "RTI: Guide to Highlight Image Capture"


This is a major update of the original v1.1 guide, with new features, enhanced descriptions, and more how-to illustrations. Describes the camera, lighting, software, object and reflective sphere setup and capture sequence process.


This document is Free for you to view and download.



Downloads URL:



***If you value RTI Software & Guides Please Contribute $50.



Thank you!


Cultural Heritage Imaging


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Dale -



Thanks for the kind words!  Credit where credit is due, a bunch of people helped with the update, and extra special thanks to Dan Kushel who did a major addition for the exposure and white balance sections.


There are videos on the web site.  There isn't a reasonable way to put them in the document that wouldn't bloat the document, so we just have them all available from the same page: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Downloads/Capture/index.html




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