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web viewer for RTI files?


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I guess is a silly question and an already-a-lot talked about topic, but I didn't find info about it so...


Is there a web viewer for RTI files? I think this tech is a lot more than a documentation-for-conservators tool so viewing RTI online is a must.


Sorry if this is a dumb question.


Kind regards

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Not a silly question at all.


Yes, a web based viewer is very much needed, and the team in Southampton UK led by Graeme Earl just got funding to build one. There is a forum here to discuss this project. It is in the same viewers category.



Also there is a java applet viewer, but it is quite old, and very bandwidth constrained so only works for small ptms. It does not support the .rti file format. If you want more info about it reply, and I can post more, it is open source and a few sites use it.



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terrific, thanks a lot for your answer.


Guess we will all wait for the real mc coy, that will really spicy the things up while speaking of using RTI at his best. I think also can be a great standart for plain visualisation of artifacts a lot more realistic than a simple jpg file.


Projects like this make me regret not keeping my old programming skills updated :)

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