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CHI Forums now clean and clear


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We are pleased to announce that the malicious hack on our forum site has been cleared, and the forum is now safe for our

users! We have taken steps to prevent this happening in the future.


Please note that our primary web site was never affected, and our database of forum users and data was not compromised by the hack -- no worries there.


A couple of important facts:


·       This forum site was never distributing malware. 

·       The hack was designed to redirect users to a site that is known to serve malware.

·       If a user did not follow the redirect (most browsers will detect this and prompt the user), the user was not affected.


The hack was nasty and took much longer to clear than we had hoped. There were a series of issues that needed to be taken care of to get things clean.  We will be posting more information about what happened for those that are curious, or who might want to learn from our experience.


The hack came in originally through an old copy of wordpress installed on a staging site on our domain.  It was self-replicating and difficult to remove. One step we have taken to keep our site up and running is that we have moved the forum to a hosted site run by the company that creates the forum software we are using. 


Thank you to all of you who stuck with us through this time.  There is a lot of great information here, and we hope that continues to grow.  Stay tuned for announcements about updated software and uer guides coming soon...



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