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capture through glass?


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We're using RTI to document the state of samples of cellulose nitrate moving image film before they go off for various testing and aging trials. We want to hold the film samples flat -- our scientists say no taping them down, it will mess up the experiments. Shooting through 'normal' frame glass we have in the lab isn't working - we're getting glare. Any suggestions on types of glass or thicknesses that can be used?



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So sorry this was missed in the craziness surrounding the hacked forum site!  Now everything is up and running and clean again, so you should get faster turn around in the future.


I have a couple of suggestions for you.


1.  Try dropping your light output, up to about a stop.  You can exposure comp it back up in post (technically, when shooting RAW you have about .7 exposure comp up or down without losing any information, and up to about 1.25 up or down where the loss is minimal.


2.  Don't shoot the highest angle shots, or if you have already shot them, take them out of the set that you process.  Instead of shooting 15 degrees, to 65 degrees, shoot 15 degrees to about 45-50 degrees.


I hope this helps, and that my advice isn't too late.



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