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5D Mark II USB Port Failure and the "Canon USB-P"


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5D Mark II USB Port Failure and the "Canon USB-P"


Recently the USB port (on the camera body, under the rubber flap) failed to communicate while tethered to the laptop. Visual inspection revealed that the USB port had been 'pushed in' and tweaked to one side. If you have to shoot connected to the camera --- this is a show stopper. Simply put, the camera would not connect to the laptop.


Fortunately, we were able to continue capturing RTI data sets by checking the exposure, focus and histogram on the back of the camera — while using a 'cable release'. Anyhow …


We sent our camera into Canon Professional Services (CPS) for repair. We are Gold Status members and they treated us like 'gold', made the repair and got our camera back to the studio in about a weeks time. This was the 2nd time that our USB port has broken.


CPS repaired the USB port, AND sent us a, "USB Protector".


This very simple little gizmo might save you. It will drastically reduce the risk of having a wiggly USB cable in the side of your camera.


The "USB-P" (as I am tempted to call this apparatus), is manufactured to certainly help the stability of the USB cable by providing a mini 'housing' around the cable.


To keep the USB-P in place, the Canon designers created its' structure to 'stay' by using its surrounding ports as anchors — resulting in a protective action — the USB-P also protects the HDMI and A/V out ports.


***Attention Field Shooters (you dirty outside field, archaeologists, Egyptologist, forensic types), you might want to put this on your check list of goods in your gear bag. (if you can find it)


The USB-P protects your USB port AND keep the dirt out. Win - Win.


(I'm sharing some images taken with my phone --- Note, the *yellow*tape is so that I can find it, as our gear bags tend to eat small black parts for snacks.)


I did a quick search online and did *not* find this product, ***if anyone happens to know where to buy it, cost, etc, please share it on this thread!


PS --- clearly people have been having this issue in the past …






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