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Screen Recording software ... (Macs)


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Dear All,


I wanted to share this with you. This is an excellent screen recording software application for the Mac (sorry pc's). This new version, 4.0, was recently launched.


Basic idea.

Open an RTI file with the RTIViewer --- then record your experience --- save out a movie file, then share with your professional peers.


Screen Flow 4 is easy to use — really easy to use. Its a great way to share the RTI Viewing experience without having to navigate the user interface of the RTIViewer. You can also record your voice, add a video 'talking head' of yourself in the final file, as well as make some useful adjustments in the video editor. This is an easy way to get your RTI 'experience' into a power point or any other presentation without having to open the RTIViewer or associated files.


check it out here:


Screen Flow 4



- if you do download and install — please share your experience and your video! We'd love to see your RTI and your file.



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Thanks for the post on Screen Flow. It looks great. For those of us for whom even the low cost ($99) of Screen Flow is a stretch I recommend the free version of a utility called Screen Record Utility Lite Version 2.0, downloadable from the App Store. It gives the Apple Mac user the ability to make movies of their RTIviewer files lasting up to 300 seconds. For $4.99 that maximum time limit is removed but five minutes of viewing a single interactive RTI is a long time! The recordings are saved in .mov format at up to 30fps without a watermark.


From my tests of the demo version of Screenflow and the free Screen Record Utility Lite it's clear one gets value, primarily video editing and .mp4 formatting, for the $99. However the free utility does give quick Powerpoint insertable movies of RTIs that run and look fine.




iMac 2011


PPT 2011 v14.3.5

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Is the Screen Flow 4 making outputs in another format than video? I mean, I had a hard time looking for software to record the screen in order to share conferences and courses including the powerpoints until I knew the latests versions of Quicktime have that feature included by default...


But of course speaking of RTI sharing, someting else than a video format can be highly appreciated.

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