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After a small platform that can either mechanically (by screw maybe or electronically), raise and lower to object 150 – 200mm


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I work part time with a small museum.

We want to digitize our collection and am after a small platform that can either mechanically (by screw maybe or electronically), raise and lower a delicate light-weight object 150 – 200mm.

Seems like there are REALLY cheap ones that are NOT safe/accurate/well made…….. and that’s about it. Happy to spend a $200-300.... or more depending on device.

(We have a turntable on top of this.)

Happy on ideas to "think outside the square"

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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The item you want to search for is "Laboratory Jacks". They are common in chemistry labs to, say, set glass ware at an appropriate height. I can't photograph mine right now, but link below is similar to this one I found on line. I use mine both for both photogrammetry and RTI (useful to set object height inside the dome). 
For photogrammetry, I tend to use my big turntable to rotate to each azimuth, and relocate the camera boom arm to set the camera at different elevations after each rotation (just raising the object isn't always enough as you may need to adjust distance + need to 'look down' on/towards the top of the object).
For RTI though the lab jack is ideal, almost indispensable, as it allows you to adjust height inside/under the dome (object stays static and doesn't rotate).

p.s. I actually have a wooden board atop my lab jack, screwed to the metal top. The board is screwed to the metal, and has a thin rubber mat stuck on top. The rubber mat is black to avoid reflections, but is marked so I can tell the extent of the metal plate so I ensure any objects are within the centre of gravity of the jack. The outer area of the board beyond the jack is helpful to sit scale ruler, X-rite colourchecker, and RTI reflective spheres, on.

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