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Photogrammetry+3d scans


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I think it's mostly for those who use 3d scanners or both not just photogrammetry, but for me this looks quite promising. One of 3d scanners manufacturers Artec 3d included photogrammetry to their software. What I understood is that user should upload same set of photos that are needed for traditional photogrammetry workflow, but they will be used only to make textures. The shape will come from a scanner. For some cases it sonds good as scanners can't create textures of same quality as photogrammetry can while with photogrammetry there are issues with processing complex shapes. 
There are ways to combine them using one software for scanning and separate for photogrammetry. I actually asked about such workflow on this forum before. I stopped on getting two models one from scanner and one from photogrammetry and then baking textures from one model to another. Again not always work nice as depending of an object shapes can differ more than needed. 
I've seen ads about webinar they are having this Thursday where they will show this feature. For me it would be usefull to see if buying AS 16 worth it. But it may also usefull for other people so I wanted to share. Here you can register for it.

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