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Flash obstacle lighting issues


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Hi all,

Just wanting some opinion(s) on using the highlighting method for our project.

Quick overview - We are an not for profit aeronautical society here in NZ who restores various aircraft for viewing to the public. We have a DC3 that was used by the US Navy and was flown between NZ and Antarctica (at least for part of it's life). A former US ambassador kindly donated the aircraft several years ago and it is housed in a hangar for public viewing. Unfortunately due to the age of the aircraft some of the original art work has faded. We are now attempting a project to restore the paintwork in time for the 70th anniversary of the Deep Freeze program in 2025/2026. Unfortunately any photos that exist are black and white and not of much use for some of the finer art work.

We are now attempting to use RTI to extract the art work so we can recreate it on the aircraft again. My problem is the surface - A door hinge to be exact. Photo 1a below shows the area of one of the art works. Due to the door hinge I am thinking I need to break it down into three separate captures (as per the coloured outlines in the photo where we know one of the art works was). My understanding is the light source (ie flash) should be around 3 times the distance away from the area you are trying to capture. The flash should only be used between on an angle 15 to 65 degrees from the surface.

My question (finally got there :)) is as follows:

You can see from the second photo that the hinge extrudes out some way from the surface of the aircraft. It is unlikely I can get a capture as low as 15 degrees in the lower portion of the art work (90 degrees through 270 degrees) due to a) the hinge and b) curvature of the aircraft. Any ideas?

Appreciate any help ideas





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