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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, While HSHfitter was executing the final stage in RTI Builder, it gave the error message: "Error: Plugin. Exceptions.PathUndefined: Color correction file not found or you don't have permissions to read it" Where are these files on a Mac? How do I specify the path. Thanks Michael
  2. Hello, I've tried building a project a couple of times now, getting completely to the final point where all I have left to do is push execute. I have been using the HSH format, and every time I try to complete my project, I get an error message, "Verify your HSH fitter path!". I have no spaces, that I can see, in any of the folders or image names. My images were once .JPG but I changed them all to .jpg and started the project anew afterwards. I am using this path /Applications/RTIbuilder-v2.0.2.app/Contents/Resources/Java/Fitters/HSHfitter/hshfitter and still nothing is executing. The black shiny ball I'm currently using is not great and so my highlights are pretty terrible, but it is a practice run until I get the right shiny ball. Would a lack of identifying a highlight in each photo cause this error? I will attach the .xml file in hopes that someone can help me. Thanks! Fake_scarab.xml
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