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The feared "Unknown Error" message in RTI builder


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Not sure why you posted this here.  This is a different issue - and is not related to the "unknown error" problem.


It is also discussed in another thread: http://forums.culturalheritageimaging.org/index.php?/topic/352-color-correction-for-hshfitter/?hl=correction


The problem only occurs if you click on "advanced options" when using the HSHFitter.  If you unclick that, it should be OK.


I don't want to call you out, but I will use this opportunity to remind folks to do a search in the forums before posting.  In this case "color correction" would have sent you to the topic where this issue is discussed.  Also, please start a new topic if your question isn't directly related to an existing topic.

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Hello, I am new to this site a and software. I get this popup on my Mcafee (Artemis!57FB217ADC5D). I turned of my antivirus and then an RTI Builder page pops up. There are two buttons at the bottom of the pare (start new project and open existing) I cannot access the start new project. I have read through some of the above posts and see you almost have to have a degree in computer programming to get to using the software. Tips on how I can get to using the software?



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There is a User Guide for the processing RTI data, and we believe it is quite clear and that the software is pretty straightforward to use. (granted it has some quirks, and some things that could be improved)


On this forum, we assume people have already used the User Guides prior to posting here.  Most of the posts here are  bugs or error messages or special cases, or sometimes requests for deeper info than is available within the user guide.  In our experience, most folks find a pretty straightforward path through the software if they follow the guide.


The Guide to Highlight Image Processing explains how to start a new project on page 13.  This document includes step by step instructions with screenshots.:


To create a new project:

  1. Enter a name for your project.

  2. Select one of the Highlight Based operation sequences, using the HSH Fitter or PTM Fitter algorithm.

    NOTE: If you choose to use PTM Fitter, you must download the plug-in from HPLabs. See “Installing RTI Builder” on page 10.

  3. Click Start New Project. (For information on opening an existing project, see “Reprocess an existing data set” on page 23.) 

Also - please in the future start a new topic if you have a new topic.  Please do not keep adding to a thread that is unrelated to your question.  This thread is about the "unknown error" which can occur in some cases.  You are asking about starting a new project. As a moderator - I have no way to split it off into a new topic - I can only delete posts. Please help by posting in the appropriate place.

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You *can't have spaces in the filenames or anywhere in the total path to the files you process with RTiBuilder*. This issue accounts for ~95% of all problems with RTiBuilder.


I wanted to add my voice to Carla's on this.  I have been using RTI a lot for three years now (on a Mac), and I still get caught out with this.  I recently relocated my RTI working files to an external drive, and in doing so, without thinking introduced three spaces at various levels of the path: one in the external drive name, and two several levels down in folder names.  The third one remained undetected until my third round of checking paths because it was essentially invisible, namely a space introduced inadvertently at the end of a folder name.  I only found this by double clicking on each folder name and highlighting it.  Only in this way did the space at the end of the folder name show up.  So after hours of trying to find out why I was getting the "unknown error" message at the very last stage in RTI Builder, it turned out to be a rogue space in a folder name.

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I've come across the unknown error as well and also figured out what is causing it on my machine (Windows 7, 64 bit, 16 GB RAM): it is the PTM Fitter which gives the Error (-1). When I start the fitter from the command line with the command in XML-file of RTIbuilder the error becomes clear: Memory Allocation error. When monitoring the RAM usage of the PTM Fitter it always stops at about 2GB.


If anyone else runs into a Memory Allocation error then you might have some success with John Cupitt's "ptmfit" which is just a re-work of PTMfitter but considerably faster with much better memory handling. I've used it to build PTMs from 80x 20 megapixel images. It's not compatible with RTIBuilder, so you have to use it from the command line. It also doesn't come with any documentation - so be aware that your working directory has to be the jpeg-exports folder when you call it. An example call would look something like:


PS D:\Builds\E3\jpeg-exports> C:\Users\Ari\ptmfit\ptmfit.exe -i ..\assembly-files\E3.lp -o ..\finished-files\E3.ptm
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