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Stitching together multiple RTIs

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I'm interested in stitching together multiple RTIs of an object.  Essentially, this object is very large and the details are lost in a single RTI.  I would like to take RTIs of each section and then join them together.  Projects I have seen thus far join static images via photogrammetry.  I'd like to keep the ability to move the light source in the final product.   


Does anyone have any experience in this?


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As far as I know there are no tools to do this.  It's trickier than it seems.  There is a simple case and a more complex case. In the simple case, with a relatively flat subject like a painting or bas relief - if you overlapped each RTI by about 20% it's theoretically possible and according to some of the graphics researchers I've talked to not that hard.  If you have a more complex surface, such as something more sculptural, like petroglyphs going around the edge of a rock face, then it is a much more complex problem.


We have shot RTIs of an area of about 2 meters across as a single RTI.  The level of detail you get is based on the resolution of your camera.  Depending on what you are looking for, it may be sufficient.


Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.



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