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Kintsugi 3D Viewer overview

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The Kintsugi 3D platform features its own Viewer application for public access to finished digitizations in the highest possible quality, using a custom shader designed specifically for materials derived from photographs. The goal of this viewer is to support the rest of the Kintsugi 3D platform with a lightweight app for public access to this robust reproduction quality, while striving for feature parity with comparable viewers such as Sketchfab or Smithsonian Voyager. Kintsugi 3D also supports exporting in standard texture formats to support existing efforts using established viewers like Sketchfab or Voyager. The simplicity and open access of the Kintsugi 3D platform makes this available even to institutions without the infrastructure or support to otherwise develop such hands-on physical or digital interactive experiences.

The compiled version of Kintsugi 3D Viewer is included with the downloads of Kintsugi 3D Builder for PC and Mac: https://github.com/michaelt919/Kintsugi3DBuilder/releases/latest

A demo of the web version of Kintsugi 3D Viewer can be found here: https://tetzlaff.itch.io/kintsugi-3d-viewer

Android and iOS builds of Kintsugi 3D Viewer and a distributable web version with documentation for setting up a server will be forthcoming.

For those interested, the source code for Kintsugi 3D Viewer has its own GitHub repository: https://github.com/UWStout/Kintsugi3DViewe
Note that this is a different repo than the Kintsugi 3D Builder repository.

Kintsugi 3D Viewer is beta software and may contain bugs or other issues. We welcome feedback on your experience with the software so that we can continue improving it. Comments or bug reports should be directed to Michael Tetzlaff (tetzlaffm@uwstout.edu) or posted here on the CHI forums.

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