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Found 1 result

  1. I verified this on an intel and m1 mac running macOS Monterey 12.1 Compatible with macOS Monterey on intel and M1 Macs. No need to install VMware or parallels and uses the native CPU cores on your machine. This is based on the tool CrossOver which is a polished version of wine written and provided by the company CodeWeavers. Note: on the M1 mac it appears the sphere selection area menu takes a few extra seconds to load on the M1 mac vs the Intel mac. just be patient. Note: this will not work with WineHQ 6.1 on M1 macs since the binary is a 32-bit and wine dropped 32bit support though crossover still maintains wine32on64 and will probably continue to maintain it Install CrossOver for mac. A trial is available https://www.codeweavers.com/crossover/download-links/ Open Cross over and click the bottom right plus button and select “new bottle” Select windows 7 bottle, not windows 7 64-bit and create a bottle called “RTI” Once the bottle is created click “install a windows application” Click Select bottle tab and select your “RTI” bottle Type Java 6 into the application name. Select “Java 6” not Java 6 u 24 or another later version of java Click Install & Finish and click continue Walk through the Java 6 installer until complete then close Download the Windows RTI builder to your downloads folder: Process: RTIBuilder Download In the crossover window click “Install a windows application” Type RTI Builder and select unlisted application Click select installer tab Click “Choose installer file” Click the Windows RTI builder setup exe Click select bottle tab and click the RTI bottle Click continue or Click Install & finish Install the RTI Builder software Double click the RTI Builder Icon in crossover and run the builder I'm also working on building some RTI dome hardware. Reach out via a DM if you are interested in learning more.
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