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  1. hi Tom. now i have read the website. and now i understand how it works and why i had this differences. so far i hav'nt tried the formula but sure i'll have better results. thank you again so much. sunny greetings from zurich switzerland
  2. thank you Tom great site! i'll check it out and will give feedback.
  3. thank you Tom i'm talking of course not about the viewfinder but about the covered area in an image which i measured now again along with other prime lenses and a mirorless lumix GF1. see the results attached chart. with the canon lenses the difference between calculation and real world is irregular while with lumix zoom lens more regular but not really regular either. the difference is allways in the 20% range which is quiet a bit. still looking for an explanation. or a formula . thanks everybody Martin
  4. hi everybody i have a question: i tried to calculate the footprint (area covered) of a camera setting with my canon 5dsr having 8688x5792 pixels on a 36x24mm sensor which is a SPS of 0.00414365mm. now with a 35mm lens and 500mm distance i calculate a covered area of 514x342mm. ((calculation according to the "US Bureau of Land Management Publication: Tech Note 248 on Photogrammetry")) BUT if i look thru the camera viewfinder the covered area at 500mm distance the covered area is only approx 410x273mm to achive an area as the calculated 514x342mm i must set the lens on 610mm any ideas whats wrong here? it's still an about 20% difference from calculation to "reality" thanks everybody for every sugestion best greetings from zurich switzerland martin
  5. here the sammmichaelstevens - tipp works. having macOS 10.13.2 (17C205) on a macbook pro mid 2012 thank you
  6. ciao Camilla i'm wondering if you have found a solution for the described problem. in my workflow color profiles and delt.ae validating are very important. i'm a beginner in photogrammetry and apreciate every information. thank you
  7. hello and thank you for accepting me as a member of the forum. i'm glad that i found your great site! Martin

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