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  1. As an RTI newbie, I hope I am not violating any forum customs. Please feel free to move this question to a more appropriate location if needed! I have persuaded the Israel Antiquities Authority to produce three RTI images of an ancient artifact that I think has been neglected by scholars. Now that I have the RTI images in hand, I would like to post them on the web in such a way that anyone with a modern browser can view them, but not be able to download the actual RTI files themselves — at least for the time being. In reviewing the existing forum topics, I found the RTI AHRC Project (UK) topic to be promising, but the emphasis there seems to be on expanding analytical features of the viewer being developed, and the topic has been quiescent for over two years. I just noticed a link to CHER-Ob, but haven't determined its relevance yet… Is there a basic web viewer available, or is there another approach I could be taking? R. Peter DeLong independent researcher
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