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  1. I'm reinstalling my RTIBuilder and my previous instructions no longer work using MacOS High Sierra. I have tried variations on a theme: xattrc -d; sudo chmod; spctl; etc. No such luck! Has anyone had any success?
  2. Here's a safer option that only disables gatekeeper for RTIBuilder. https://sites.google.com/a/exeter.ac.uk/rti/what-we-ve-been-up-to/aworkaroundforrtibuilder202onmacossierra Sam
  3. Hello Carla I have a workaround on our blog details how only let RTIBuilder through Gatekeeper without any nasties getting through. The workaround is at the following link: https://sites.google.com/a/exeter.ac.uk/rti/what-we-ve-been-up-to/aworkaroundforrtibuilder202onmacossierra If there is any other way we can help with the software, please do let us know. Sam Stevens Co-Director - RTI Group University of Exeter ex.ac.uk/rti
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