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  1. Hi Carla, that is possibly the problem? there is no .lp file in the assembly folder. Apologies I thought I had also included screen shot of the assembly folder. It only has three jpg files in it, 7836a_blend1.jpg, 7836a_edge0.jpg and 7836a_median0.jpg. I have gone right back to the beginning with a different set of originals and done the entire process of saving the master CR2 files as DNG, and then JPEG and checking file names at each stage. I know it is possible that there is something there I have not seen, though I have been very careful in file naming etc to ensure no spaces or illegal names. I then have taken the new set of photos and gone through the build process and again once I get to the execute stage it asks to verify the path. Each time I do this process, I only ever get the three jpeg files listed above, and not the .lp file. Unfortunately I no longer have the original RTI files I had created to compare to (they were done using version 1 of the RTI Builder.
  2. Hi Carla, I am not getting .lp file in the assembly-files
  3. Hi, am still having problem with the fitter path. (I have successfully created RTI images in the past). I have gone over many times the pdf instructions and cannot see where I have made a mistake. I have checked that RTIBuilder is in the Applications folder. I have the source folder 2017_rti_7856a with jpeg-exports folder in the top folder under Users (bobmiller) and file names without spaces. I have Java (version 8 Update 16 installed) verified. I have tried multiple time to start from the beginning - that is start a new project and re-do the entire building process as well as moving the source files to directly to the BobM_HD and then trying to re-build from there where a message to update the pipeline is activated, and accepted the new pipeline. Re-started computer before new attempts Every time I get to the final execute screen I get the pop-up window asking to verify the HSHfitter path. any suggestions
  4. I am also having a problem with the HSHfitter path. I have changed computers etc and now every time I get to the 'Execute' screen I get this message "verify your HSHfitter path!" and have no idea how to find this. I click on 'find' but do not know what I supposed to be looking for. MacBook Pro with Sierra 10.12.6
  5. Thanks Carla, changing the security settings to 'allow from anywhere' worked on mac OSX 10.11.5 (El Capitan). I am now looking forward to using RTI :-) Bob
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