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Measuring curved surfaces on 3D models

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Can anyone provide some advice on taking measurements of models once they are scaled, especially of curved surfaces? I realize it is relatively easily to measure planar surfaces in Agisoft, but how would I measure a curved surface? I am hoping to create models of sculptures of various sizes and materials. Is there another software besides Agisoft that may help with this? 

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You could try CloudCompare, as this has an 'unwrap cylinder' function. You could then scale and measure a flattened version.

Hope this helps.


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On 7/19/2020 at 8:26 AM, leszekp said:

Take a look at Gigamesh. https://gigamesh.eu/?page=home

Yes: MSII (Multi-Scale Integral Invariants) provides four different curvature measures i.e. how bent the surface is. This shown in our latest video for the more prominent curvatre: https://youtu.be/W9U6hT96l5E  .... this one is related to Gaussian curvature. The other three measures you can compute on the commandline with "gigamesh-featurevectors" and "gigamesh-featurevectors-sl", which has only the radius as a parameter.

Furthermore you can compute distances to spheres, cones and cylinders, which are used in GigaMesh to compute unwrappings/rollouts.

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