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CS3 and CR2 files

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I am using CS3 to open up the CR2 files of the obsidian blade we shot during the January workshop and I have no problem opening those. But, when I try to open up CR2 files from shots I took with my own camera (Canon T1i), Adobe Camera Raw will not open them at all. Is there anything I should be doing to the CR2 files before trying to open them in Adobe Camera Raw? Thanks!

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Dear Ana,


You should try converting your CR2 files to DNG (with original embedded), and then re-try opening the files in Adobe Camera Raw. This should be a fast fix for your issues.


Also, when you get a chance and the resources, try to upgrade Adobe Camera Raw. (tho u will likely be asked to update your bigger app - PS, LR, Bridge, etc). Adobe is pretty good at including the 'newer' versions and flavors of CR2 files (and NEFs) in the software updates that they offer.


hope that this helps to get you along the way.



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I am having the same problem. ACR works great with CR2 files on one of my cameras, but not the other. Since ACR won't read the CR2 file, what program do I use to convert a CR2 to a DNG?




Never mind. I found the free ware program from Adobe that converts CR2 to DNG and it works just fine.

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