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The Digital Sigillography Resource (DIGISIG) aims to enhance access to historic seals (not the animals -- but rather the type used to authenticate or secure documents!), by enabling scholars and members of the public to search sigillographical datasets.


As an experiment, we are developing an exhibition space (www.digisig.org/gallery) to test the feasibility of providing users RTI images. As of January 2018, we are offering a selection of RTIs of medieval seals courtesy of the British Museum (London), The National Archives (Kew), and Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Archives (London). In the near future we hope to post some additional examples from the Huntington Library (Pasadena).


Does anyone know of similar projects for medieval or early modern seals?



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These look like some great examples.  It took a really long time to load the first example when I went to the page, but once it loaded others were faster.  It took so long that I thought it wasn't working correctly, and tried it in a second browser - where I had the same experience.  I'm guessing it is a slow server connection, since the header graphic on the page took a while to load too.


We shot some medieval lead seals in 2005, but they were never published, due to permission issues from the collection.  We thought RTI was a great tool for this type of material.  I'm aware of other individual examples of seals being shot, but not a larger scale project.


If you want this page publicized at any point, let us know.  We are happy to link to it on social media, it's cool stuff.



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