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Problem running the rti viewer on a Macbook air.

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After overcomming the permissions issue I was able to download and install the rti viewer. However this did take a suspiciously short amount of time for a 25mb file. The moment i try to load an rti file the program immediately quits with the message saying the  program quit unexpectadly do I want to report this to apple?( of course I don't). Any ideas as to why this happens and can it be fixed?

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First question - can you open RTiViewer, with no RTI?  In other words does it start when you double click on it?  If so, the issue may be that you are trying to open an RTI file that is too big for the computer you are opening it on.  So, first try starting RTiViewer with no file, then open a small RTI.  If those work, then the issue is likely the size of the RTI you are trying to open.


There are other discussions of RTIViewer failing with large files on the forums.



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