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AIC PhD Targets

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Does anyone have suggestions for alternatives to the AIC PhD Targets available through Robin Myers Imaging? I just emailed this week to inquire about purchasing another set and they said that it was uncertain whether they would put them into production. In the past I've also used MacBeth charts, as well as the X-Rite Passport. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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We use the X-Rite passports and the small color charts (which are no longer made)  We also use the Color Card SG (larger, more colors, more expensive) for projects where the color is really important, like our recent project with the Diego Rivera Mural at City College in San Francisco.  We can use that for profiling, or for checking our results using the free Delt.ae website.


 X-rite produces the old Gretag-Macbeth charts (included int he Passport and as a separate large chart) - they bought the rights to them. 



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Sorry to hear if the AIC PhD targets won't be made available.  They have a nice layout, different sizes, and useful features.  I've thought about buying a couple different sizes for imaging paintings and other subjects if I had the budget, but maybe I missed the opportunity. 


You might also want to look at the Artist Paint Target (APT) developed by Roy Berns' team at Rochester Institute of Technology: 


They're relatively small, similar to the discontinued X-Rite mini color checker. You might contact Dr. Roy Berns to find out how to order one. 

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