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RTI and MS Power Point

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I'm not totally clear about what you are asking.  You Build RTIs using the RTIBuilder.  I think you are asking if it is possible to view an RTI within powerpoint.  The answer is no.  Powerpoint does not support the RTI format.  What we often do is make a video using screen capture software, and then put the video in the powerpoint. Alternatively, if you have the RTIViewer running separately on your computer, you can use Tab to switch to it ( Tab on a PC).  Then use the same to get back to your presentation.  A bit clunky - but workable.



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Hi Carla,


thanks a lot. Your answer helps me.

And I think, if it's not possible to make a video, it's also a way to build screenshots in the Power Point Presantation, as a "smaller" solution.

But thank you very much, Carla.


And many regards from Berlin, also to Marc and Marlin.


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Olaf -


One other thing you can try is to make snapshots from RTiViewer.  The Snapshots are the full resolution of the underlying RTI (rather that a screenshot, which is screen resolution) You can create a JPG or  PNG from the snapshot menu item.  You can line these up to be identical in powerpoint, and switch between different views. I find that to be really helpful for showing RTI results.  I've attached an example.




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