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Photoscan: export points cloud columns names in ascii file

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I'm using photoscan to elaborate my othophoto and, after having processed it, I export the points cloud.


I'm using these two different options:

File > Export Points... > option "XYZ Points Cloud"
File > Export Points... > option "ASCII pts"


After the extraction I get an ASCII file.

May someone tell me the meaning/name of the columns in those files?

Thank you all!

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Usually the ASCII format of a point file runs something like this:


X   Y  Z Nx Ny Nz R G B


Where X,Y,Z is the location on the point in 3D space, R,G,B are the colours (each 0-255), and Nx,Ny,Nz (each between -1.0 and 1.0) are components of the surface normal vector at that point. 

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