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October 2015 classes at CHI: both Photogrammetry and RTI to be offered

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We are pleased to announce the next 4 day training class offerings at Cultural Heritage Imaging's studio in San Francisco.


Also note that CHI training can come to you!  And if you want to be informed about and even influence the dates of future training classes, write to us to get on our interest list.


Photogrammetry Training - October 6-9, 2015


This is your last chance in 2015 to learn how to apply photogrammetry, the practice of deriving 3D measurements from overlapping sequences of digital photographs to determine the size, shape, position, and texture of objects. The results are extremely dense and accurate quantitative data with standard digital camera equipment. Recent trainees say this about the class:

“Very informative, very technical, useful to people in different industries”
“Wonderful, amazing, and full of applicable techniques”
“In-depth knowledge sharing that is not available anywhere else”


Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) Training- October 13-16


Get hands-on training in Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), a core practice for creating digital representations of objects. You will leave this class able to implement the digital imaging workflow, including steps to capture, process, and view RTI digital representations. Some testimonials from previous trainees:

“Extremely informative and incredibly useful”
“Well thought-out and thorough: the small class size was a bonus for me”
“Instructors were extremely engaging and explained in a way even I could understand!”

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