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Project Mosul to crowd-source photogrammetry of Cultural Heritage

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Here's a story on BBC about Project Mosul to use crowd-sourced photos to virtually reconstruct objects destroyed in Mosul using photogrammetry.   It's an opportunity to help with the virtual reconstruction of the lost artifacts.


The authors of Project Mosul are coordinating with several organizations to apply a similar scheme to virtually reconstruct other damaged cultural heritage sites.  It would be better to document these sites before they get destroyed, but as the song said, "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."

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Thanks for posting Taylor!  It's great that folks are doing what they can to recover data through crowd sourcing. It won't be perfect, but salvaging what we can as an international community still has value.  I want to echo your sentiments about documenting properly before things happen, as much as possible.  It would be great if we could put more of an effort into this.

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