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Where can I find the file format specifications for RTI and PTM?

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We get asked this question a lot, so I thought I'd post it here in the FAQ!


The file format specification for PTM is available from the HP website here:



The file Format Specification for the RTI file format was previously posted here in the forums, and I am attaching it here as well.  Note that it is marked "draft" because it contemplates a .xmp structure embedded in the file structure, and that part was still under discussion when this document was created.  The format for the RTI data is final, and this is what is used by the RTIViewer and other viewers that support this format.




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Dear Carla,

Greetings from Pakistan! 

The RTI file format PDF is no longr available at the above address. Please share a fresh link once again. 

Best regards. 

Khalid Hussain


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Khalid - I can get both files from these links.  The RTI spec was uploaded to this forum - so you have to be logged in to the forum to get it.  I should have specified that in my earlier post. What happens if you click on the link?  (For me, it downloads the file to my downloads folder)



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