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Light Position File

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Hi everyone!


I'm using a static DIY light dome with 125 leds.

With semi-automatic process of my system in RTIbuider i trying to create new project with Dome LP File, but after the selection of  file paths is nothing happens!!

What i do wrong? 

I don't find any information of correct import a light position file in to the new project.


Thanks in advance!


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First - make sure you have followed the rules for creating a light position file:



Then - for RTIBuilder - it will actually manage the filenaming for you. So, the LP you need is a "Template" for the LP, where instead of absolute pathnames, you just use a filename.  Make sure that the numbering sequence matches the way your files are numbered.


For example





Then your actual filenames should be something like ceramic-sherd_01


Make sure that you are delimiting the final 2 digit number for each light the same way.  We always use an underbar  "_"



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