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Virus warning

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I already used the RTI builder software.


Today I would have liked to install the software on another computer.

First I had quite problems to download the rtibuilder_2_0_2_setup.exe file.

I had to disable my avast antivirus.

Then when I have checked the file for viruses, I had several warnings.






Should I worry ?


Thank you for your answer.


Best regards,





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There is some discussion of a virus warning in another thread here: http://forums.culturalheritageimaging.org/index.php?/topic/61-difficulty-launching-rti-builder/?hl=virus&do=findComment&comment=239


I will note that the software has not changed in years, and we are not aware of any viruses in the software.  In this other thread (scroll down to where Kathryn Piquette chimes in) it is noted that some of the anti virus software uses heuristics to determine what might be a virus and that can generate false positives.



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On our side we got the same issue .


Anti-virus : DR.Web identified possible Trojan.MulDrop2.47351

Anti-virus : Ikarrus Trojan-Dropper.win32.Peace


Anti-virus: Nano Exploit.Java.CVE20132465.cqxvnd


I will send them the SHA256 id and see if they can have it false-positive.

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