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Digital Heritage 2013

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Hi all,
I was planning on submitting a proposal for a workshop at the Digital Heritage conference in Marseille 28 October - 1 November 2013.
Details of the proposal process are below. I wondered if anyone had already submitted one on RTI? If not would people like to get involved in this one?


"Proposals for workshops and panels will be judged by the ability to bring together key researchers from the heritage as well the ICT domain in the state-of-the-art area, introduce a new area to the overall community, further develop the area, and help establishing a larger research community beyond the area. Special session proposals covering multi-disciplinary areas are particularly encouraged, as well as those proposals regarding common challenges, e.g. (and not restricted to) Methods in Archaeology, Museums and Technology, etc.


Special Session submissions should provide a proposal (up to 4 A4-pages) after the mandatory abstract. Proposals for special sessions must indicate its nature, i.e. workshop, tutorial or panel within the ‘Title’ followed by a topics title, rationale, session outline, its motivations, a short description of the material to be covered, contacts information including: name; affiliation; email; mailing address; a short CV for each presenter, participant or authors who have agreed to participate with their results to the session, with a tentative title and short abstract (150 chars) for each presentation."

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Mark Mudge and I are in.  We submitted a joint abstract for a workshop yesterday with Graeme.  We have until July 7 to submit the full proposal.  We are happy to have collaborators, so write to us if you want to be part of it.



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