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Found 8 results

  1. Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) offers some free resources to people adopting the practice of photogrammetry. In addition, our experts are available for paid consulting and/or training. Here are some resources not to be missed. 1. Videos describing key principles of good photogrammetric capture: https://vimeo.com/channels/practicalphotogrammetry See also our Photogrammetry technology overview: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/Technologies/Photogrammetry/ 2. This, our free user forum, where folks in the community help answer questions about RTI and photogrammetry. We aim to complement the resources offered by Agisoft PhotoScan and other software packages, as they have their own communities. However, discussions about equipment, capture tips, and so on are welcome here: http://forums.culturalheritageimaging.org/ 3. We sell calibrated scale bars that help users get precise, real-world measurement into your product. And we offer a "tips and tricks" free guide for working with scale bars on the Photoscan website (find the link on this page): http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Gear/Scale_Bars/index.html 4. We offer regular 4-day training classes in photogrammetry in our studio in San Francisco and in other locations. Sometimes a host institution will offer space and will purchase some seats and allow some seats to be sold. You can learn more about our photogrammetry training here: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Training/photogram_training/index.html 5. And finally, we offer custom consulting to help folks adopt and use photogrammetry and RTI. That can take a variety of forms, including video, emails, and projects in Dropbox where we can review work and give feedback. Learn more about our consulting offering here: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Consulting/
  2. Don't miss CHI's next 4-day photogrammetry class in the fall: Monday, September 25 through Thursday, September 28, 2017 These classes have limited seating and tend to sell out, so please don't hesitate too long to register. You will find the reg form and other information about the class at this link: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Training/photogram_training/index.html We hope you can join us!
  3. We are pleased to announce the next photogrammetry training class at Cultural Heritage Imaging in San Francisco for January 30 - February 2. Learn more and register here: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Training/photogram_training/index.html Read blog posts from 2 different attendees about their training experiences during 2016: https://culturalheritageimaging.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/four-days-with-chi-reflections-on-januarys-photogrammetry-training/ http://www.conservationaffair.com/blogreel/everything-is-better-in-3d Hope you can join us this winter! Carla
  4. We are pleased to announce the next 4 day training class offerings at Cultural Heritage Imaging's studio in San Francisco. Also note that CHI training can come to you! And if you want to be informed about and even influence the dates of future training classes, write to us to get on our interest list. Photogrammetry Training - October 6-9, 2015 This is your last chance in 2015 to learn how to apply photogrammetry, the practice of deriving 3D measurements from overlapping sequences of digital photographs to determine the size, shape, position, and texture of objects. The results are extremely dense and accurate quantitative data with standard digital camera equipment. Recent trainees say this about the class: “Very informative, very technical, useful to people in different industries” “Wonderful, amazing, and full of applicable techniques” “In-depth knowledge sharing that is not available anywhere else” Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) Training- October 13-16 Get hands-on training in Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), a core practice for creating digital representations of objects. You will leave this class able to implement the digital imaging workflow, including steps to capture, process, and view RTI digital representations. Some testimonials from previous trainees: “Extremely informative and incredibly useful” “Well thought-out and thorough: the small class size was a bonus for me” “Instructors were extremely engaging and explained in a way even I could understand!”
  5. We are pleased to announce that our next 4 day photogrammetry class will take place in San Francisco on May 18-21, 2015. More details and a registration form can be found here: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Training/photogram_training/index.html The training at CHi is focused on core photogrammetric principles that produce high quality, measurable, scientific data. The capture method (how you take the images) is independent of any software package. You will collect image sets that can be used now and in the future. The processing is done in Agisoft PhotoScan Pro. We have worked in collaboration with senior photogrammatrists at the US Bureau of Land Management to develop the course and the methodology. The optimized workflow that we teach for processing can't be found anywhere else. Come, learn, add new skills! Carla
  6. HI folks, We are pleased to announce that our next 4 day photogrammetry training lass will take place at our studio in San Francisco on May 18-21. Learn more, and find a registration form here: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Training/photogram_training/index.html Note that this class has been rescheduled from April 20-23 to May 18-21, for those of you that might have seen an earlier announcement. Carla
  7. Hi Folks, We announced this in a lot of other forums, but not this one. We are holding a 4 day photogrammetry class at CHI's studio in San Francisco, October 6-9. We have special guests Tom Noble and Neffra Matthews of the US Bureau of Land Management who will co-present this course. Tom and Neffra are extremely experienced, and this is a great opportunity. There is only one seat left at this time. You can find more information here: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Training/photogram_training/index.html If these dates don't work for you, write to us (training@c-h-i.org) and we will put you on our interest list. That way you will be notified as soon as additional dates are available. Carla
  8. Dear all, FYI, the RTI news below. Great to see RTI gaining momentum. Here in Berlin we have secured funding to bring CHI over for 2 trainings involving Excellence Cluster TOPOI and the Staatlich Museen. The Staatlich Museen have also now secured funding for equipment purchase which we are in the process of acquiring. So hopefully more folks soon to be joining the RTI community! All best - Kathryn PS: Also posted on RTI-Help Google group forum Jack Sasson jack.m.sasson@vanderbilt.edu via listserv.unc.edu 19:15 (15 hours ago) to Agade From Bruce Zuckerman <bzuckerm@college.usc.edu>: ============================== ============= ANNOUNCING A NEW TRAINING Program for Scholars, conservators and researchers in the Use of Reflectance Transformation imaging (RTI) for Documenting ancient texts and artifacts including the Loan of Imaging Equipment The University of Southern California’s West Semitic Research Project (www.usc.edu/dept/LAS/wsrp) has received grants from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to establish a Training Program in advanced imaging technologies for the documentation of ancient texts and artifacts with an initial emphasis on Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI). The IMLS and the Mellon Foundation have also funded the purchase of imaging equipment to support the Training Program. The objective of this project is to develop an infrastructure for training scholars in the use of RTI technology and subsequently to lend the necessary imaging equipment to participants in the training program so they can do an initial RTI documentation project either in field environments (archaeological sites, etc.) or in libraries, museums and/or other similar venues, worldwide. This initial undertaking should be understood to be a pilot project that can develop into an ongoing, broader documentary effort and preferably may also serve as the catalyst for establishing a consortial network for image documentation of a given corpus (or corpora) of ancient texts and/or artifacts. All equipment to be lent out is both rugged and compact and is thus ideal for doing sophisticated imaging in remote locations. Twenty-four awards over three years (approximately eight per year) for traineeships will be provided based on the merit and intrinsic importance of a proposed pilot imaging project as well as the appropriateness of the subject matter for RTI imaging. For more information, see http://www.usc.edu/d...ing_Program.pdf.
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