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Found 2 results

  1. ****Apologies for cross-posting**** The Association for Historical and Fine Art Photography (AHFAP) will be holding its 30th anniversary conference on 22 October at the RAF Museum, Hendon, London. ‘Celebration and reflection’ is the theme of this year’s conference. Join us to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our founding in 1985. In honour of this special occasion we would like to ask for papers that discuss photography in cultural heritage at the association’s inception, as well as changes in our work, equipment, techniques and the sector in general over the ensuing years. This is a wonderful opportunity not only to look to the future of photography, but also to understand its history and see how pioneering work has shaped our industry. The theme is not exclusive and papers on other topics and techniques relevant to our sector are equally welcome. It is planned that the timetable will accommodate papers of 15-, 30- and 45-minute durations. Please submit your proposals to info@ahfap.org.uk by 31 July 2015. For further information and to book a place at the conference see http://www.ahfap.org.uk/conferences/2015-conference About AHFAP AHFAP was founded in April 1985 by groups of photographers in the photographic studios at some of the national museums in London. It was recognised that closer ties would benefit the profession and the association has met regularly ever since with an annual conference held in London. The association’s main function is to raise the profile of image professionals in the cultural heritage sector and to encourage the exchange of professional knowledge and experience. There are now over 270 members in the UK and Ireland in all types of cultural institutions, from the largest museums to small commercial galleries and freelance fine art photographers.
  2. Hello, Since I work with photographics materials and the light control concept making RTI possible is essential when making ID and diagnostics in any kind of surfaces, I started making RTI from photo processes like ferrotypes, daguerreotypes (with and without cases) and another. I found that it can be also a great way for studing fungus progression in some surfaces. I will like to discuss with people having working with this kind of objects and RTI in order to learn from their experiences and knowing theirs points of view in several subjects. Anybody here? Kind regards, MJM
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