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Found 1 result

  1. I've been using RTI builder for three years, with minor adjustments here and there for Java updates, etc. However, recently in the middle of a crop build, RTI builder declared 'Fitting Complete' even though only 39 of 76 images had been cropped. When I tried it on another set of images, it hadn't begun cropping the first image before it said that fitting was complete. I've since tried everything I can think of (changing file locations, turning computer off and on, reloading images, etc), with no success. Now, if I load a fresh set of images, when it reaches the third screen it will not display the thumbnail - only a black box. The autofill file name is not linked to the given .xml file name (for example, I named a file BK92_o, and the displayed autofill .ptm name is null_0.ptm). I previously had problems with java script updating, so I made sure it wasn't anything like that - to my knowledge nothing has changed on my pc since this error has been introduced. Has anyone had anything like this, and if so, what was the remedy?
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