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  1. Actually, when I moved the folders, I had one folder with a space in the name. It seems that was the problem all along... I can't believe I didn't catch it earlier. THANKS! A
  2. Hi Carla, Thanks! I'm actually using a Mac. I was *finally* able to produce .rti's using the HSH fitter. I had to start over, though... I created a new project folder and used the original raw files (CR2 files, after deleting the xmp files). I was also able to reprocess it as a .ptm. Could the problem be that I moved my original project folders to a new location? (I re-organized my laptop and created a larger folder to place all my RTI projects. The project folders were intact, but in a new location.) Thank you, A
  3. Greetings from Peru! I have been able to process .ptms without a problem, but for some reason I keep getting the "Unknown Error" message every time I try to use the HSH fitter. I have tried everything: I make sure there are no spaces, I tried reprocessing ptms, I've also started everything from scratch as a new project using the HSH fitter, I've downloaded the RTIbuilder again... and nothing seems to work. I wasn't having this problem before, though, so there must be something I'm missing... Any advice is more than welcome. I hope you all are doing great! Ana
  4. Hi Marlin, When using DSLR Remote Pro, I was able to do the focusing in AF instead of MF a couple of times and it seemed to work out OK. I remember we did that at the workshop once by accident, but the results were fine. Are you guys leaving the camera in MF for DSLR Remote now or do you still use AF to focus initially (like you did with the EOS Utility)? Thanks! A
  5. Hi, I am using CS3 to open up the CR2 files of the obsidian blade we shot during the January workshop and I have no problem opening those. But, when I try to open up CR2 files from shots I took with my own camera (Canon T1i), Adobe Camera Raw will not open them at all. Is there anything I should be doing to the CR2 files before trying to open them in Adobe Camera Raw? Thanks!
  6. For those of us that will be shooting outside, which neutral density filters should we consider getting? (I will be working with an Alien Bee 1600 flash.) Thanks! A
  7. Hi Marlin! How are you? I'd also love to get a bit more info on the lenses, please. I finally have time to start looking at lenses and I was thinking about getting a 100mm and a 50mm. But, with the 1.6 crop factor in my Canon Rebel, a 50mm lens wouldn't be a true 50mm lens either (it becomes an 80mm lens), correct? So is it still recommended to have a 50mm lens or should one count the crop factor and use a 35mm instead? (Or would there be some distortion with a 35mm?) Thanks! Ana
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