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  1. Marlin, I have used Breeze Systems Nikon Remote with my D300 and PC. This is not as slick as the Canon-Apple system, but it seems to work well. Steve
  2. The following is pasted in from an e-mail from the freelance technician that solved a launch issue with RTI Builder, where nothing happened when the desktop icon was clicked: I don't know what was wrong with the RTIbuilder executables. Both the main and console versions terminated immediately upon execution, on both 64-bit Windows 7 and 32-bit Windows XP. The solution, in both cases, was to make a shortcut directly to the RTIbuilder.jar file, bypassing the launchers entirely, with the default working directory of the shortcut being the same as its location (C:\RTIbuilder_v2_0_2). So long as the full 'for consumers' version of Java was installed (available at www.sun.com under the main downloads menu), the systems recognized the .jar as an executable file, and also found the associated .jar's in the library folder. For questions related to this fix, please e-mail adrianvw@gmail.com .
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