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  1. Dear Carla, Thanks a lot, the latest version is working!
  2. Dear Carla, thanks, that sounds like great news both for you and the team at CHI as well as for us users - i can't wait to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, i am still not able to get it running. The .pkg works as expected until i reach the last step where the installation should start. Then, all that happens is that i get an error message, which says something like: "Installation failed. Please contact the developers" (See screenshot below, it is in german though) I am Running MacOS Monterey 12.3.1, which is the latest MacOS version. I cannot downgrade my MacOS version. I tried both with an already installed Postgres and deinstalling everything before installing your .pkg. Even though you have the license, i changed my installation-settings to allow anything being installed, even without certificate (Allow apps from "Anywhere"), that didn't help either. Really weird. I am running out of ideas. Anyone else having the same issue? Any ideas so far? What else can i try?
  3. Is there any news on the release candidate so far?
  4. Hello Carla, thanks a lot for your fast reply! I am excited for the new version and will patiently wait for the release. Kindest regards, Nils
  5. Hey there, i am currently trying to get everything running on a Macbook with M1Max chip. Therefore, i am running the Postgres.app with PostgreSQL 14 (Universal). Neither CLN:CC nor the Inspector-Apps are working. In all cases, i receive a "Driver not loaded" error. I tried older versions of Postgres (including the one that comes with the DLN:CC-installation, Postgres var. 9.6), all of them generate the same error. Am i missing something? Has anyone had the same issue with the new Mac-chips? I haven't used DLN:CC in quite a while but remember it worked flawlessly on my older Macbook (Intel chip) . I have attached some pictures of the error messages down below. Nothing special with them. As far as i understand: Postgres is running stable, but for some reason DLN:CC cannot connect. Kindest regards, Nils
  6. The Rendering-options you have seen in the videos are from the HP-fitter, which you can download from the HP PTM page http://www.hpl.hp.com/research/ptm/downloads/download.html All you have to do is download the fitter and choose the PTM-option while creating the RTI/PTM with the RTIBuilder (during your first use of the HP Fitter you will have to direct the RTI builder to the place you saved the HP fitter). After finishing the building-process you can open the finished .ptm and you will find all the rendering modes you were looking for. Hope i could help. Greetings, Nils edit: you can find further information on when to use which Fitter in this Thread:
  7. Just for the record, in case somebody else has similar issues: I made some more tries on smaller objects with light-distances between 20 and 45 cm and all of them had good results. I can't say which results are better, they seem to be very similar.
  8. Hello to all of you, First of all: I've started using RTI's at the End of last Year so my experience is limited. But what I can say, is that RTI's deliver great results on what I could try so far and I am having great fun using the Highlight Method for archeological purposes. This Forum has been a great help for my first steps so far! Now let's come to my Question: The manual from CHI recommends 2-4 times the diagonal distance for the flashlight to the object. Now in my case for example, I would have an ancient coin of about 1-4cm in size, the camera at a distance of about 20-30cm. Now if I follow the recommendation of the manual, my external flash would be at about 4cm (extremely small coins)- 12cm(regular coin size) distance from the coin. That not only makes my resulting pictures very bright (even overexposed) but also limits my angles and harms or even destroys the shading. Furthermore I have to be extra careful to avoid my hand/flash being on the pictures. Because of this, I tried to use a further distance to the object, but I'm not sure what distance to use and in how far that interferes and/or even harms my results. Do you have any information and/or recommendation for me concerning the light- and cameradistance when shooting small objects, such as coins? (Camera: Canon 60D lense: usually a 40mm prime lense) Kindest regards and thanks in advance, Nils
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