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  1. Dear Carla, ​Thank you so much for ideas. I almost tried every rendering mode and also i read documents but i believe that it's always better to ask someone who knows more than me. ​About e-mail: ​I saw e-mail today on spam unfortunetely. I always check my e-mail with my smartphone so coulndt see it. ​I want to read all gnu liscence so in a few days i ll write again.
  2. Thank you so much. I did it! ​But now, i have to learn how they work? Which one should i use with which object?
  3. Hello dear users, I have a question about rti viewer. I am using this rti viewer on windows 10 os. ​I realized that i have a diffrent interface from yours. ​I've watched some videos on your web site and took ss to show you. you can find the pictures on attechments. ​i have only 3 mode but in video seems more than 3. (rendering) ​Should i install them from somewhere else ? or what ? ​And also i have a question to @carla I also sent e-mail to take source codes of builder & viewer but no one replied yet. ​Almost 3 days ago. Can you please help me about that ? Thank you so much.​ ​ ​
  4. that sound is not so good we were planning to use this viewer with old computers. i ll try to find another solution by my side like changing computers have a good day.
  5. 128 ssd i5 intel proccesor 4 gb ram my os win 10. but also i have tired with 2 another comp. but the result was same. finished rti file size. 276 mb unsuccessful finished rti file size: 160 mb successful yes! first one still works. thank you again.have a nice work. edit: by the way; it gives the error after %50 of loading. ​
  6. Hello everyone, before 1 months i have made my first *rti file and i used that on rti viewer. Today i have made another rti file with the builder but now i cannot see this on viewer. it gives me this error. i incresed my virtual memory but still same problem. i tried with another computer but gives same error. i kindly need your help. Thank you. ​
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